Hello!  My name is Julia.  I'm a Cedar Valley based yoga teacher aiming at creating purposeful practices to meet the individual needs of students from all walks of life.  I specialize in meeting you where you are, not where you feel you should be.  Yoga, like life, is a process.

A mind free from its roaming tendencies is like a crystal.jpg

My Story


Born and raised in Cedar Falls, IA, I first fell in love with the physical practice of yoga while in high school.

After a few big life changes and struggles after college, I came back to the practice for a different reason. 

Yoga helped me create the calm and happiness that seemed so out of reach.  It turned my reactive, people pleasing, and control freak self into a (mostly) responsive, authentic, and accepting person.  I'm not perfect and I don't claim to be.  I am a forever student of the practice.  I teach because I've seen and experienced the benefits of yoga in my own life.